“All that you touch you Change. All that you Change Changes you. The only lasting truth is Change” - Octavia Butler, Earthseed

Welcome to IN DEEP SHIFT a twice monthly newsletter dispatch from me, Emily: artist, mover, writer & spiritual friend.


IN DEEP SHIFT started as an effort to write myself through change I was craving in myself and the world. It continues to be a home for my deep hearted curiosities around movement, spirituality, art, and liberation.

I am a dancer. I have an engineering degree. I’ve worked with nuns, truck drivers, entrepreneurs, yogis, techies, elders, and kids. I am a shapeshifter seeking to deepen and clarify my path, creatively, lovingly, and in community.

While I don’t promise anything tidy, you can expect invitations to:

dive into the depths of self, spirit, and the mystery of living

explore embodiment and dance

make friends with change and transformation

liberate yourself / be a part of collective liberation (it’s connected)

get weird and wild

love widely

dance, dance, dance

It’s lovely to have you here.


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ephemera from life embodied


most likely lingering, staring into the abyss, smiling, crying, rolling around with other bodies and dancing with trees