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let's meet in an Exhale

an offering of stillness & creative juice

A new offering / experiment has emerged from my heart space, and this is a first dispatch.

Words are wonderful and powerful. And so, too, are images and sound.

Connecting here via our screens is pretty amazing. And so, too, is connecting with the humans we share physical space with.

Action and creation is crucial. And so, too, is rest, non-doing and less-ness.

I am inspired to share contemplatively and creatively with you all here IN DEEP SHIFT. Some key questions are guiding me recently:

  • How can community & contemplation be nurtured through this technology we share?

  • How might we begin decluttering our minds and inboxes to make space for connection, creativity, spirit, and change?

  • How might sharing here invite you/me/us into tangible action/rest/change in our everyday lives?

So, I invite you to:

What is Exhale?

  • spacious sharing in the form of reflective questions, movement, images, and/or audio

  • an invitation into your body via a good ol’ breath, a pause, a stretch, a dance

  • less than 5 minutes to experience

  • shared once or twice month, I trust a rhythm to emerge

  • available to paid subscribers (thank you for your support! - receiving monetary payment for IN DEEP SHIFT allows me to continue sharing with consistency)

This here today is an introduction, shared with all subscribers of IN DEEP SHIFT. Consider becoming a paid subscriber to receive Exhale in the coming months.

If this offering speaks to you, but a paid subscription is beyond your budget at this time, please email me and we’ll make something work.

IN DEEP SHIFT is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

About this video above:

A spontaneous collaboration with a vocal Lake Erie, the cement pier, an airplane approaching landing, my €10 jacket from Berlin, and a gorgeous flock of seagulls.

Have you taken a deep breath today? Have you danced?

with warmth,


em liptow